Lecture, workshop, calligraphy events 2010-2012

I feel fortunate to be invited time and time again to conduct workshops and give lectures or live calligraphy performances. In the course of years we have documented these events in photos, some of which I would like to share with you now.

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Translated by Judit Simon

On 28 March, 2010 I attended the „Open-Day” event of Shuhari Dojo where I spoke about Japanese calligraphy and I also gave a little calligraphy performance. First I spoke about calligraphy tools and writing styles then I went on to explain the deep connection between zen and the arts and zen and calligraphy. Finally the audience could try out this wonderful art and I also made a few calligraphies myself. Here are four photos of this event.

(See: Presentation of tools / Calligraphy styles / Lecture: Calligraphy and Zen)

Eszközök bemutatása

A kalligráfia stílusai

Az előadás - zen és a kalligráfia



On 17 -18 March, 2010 a Sakura-(Cherry-blossom) festival was held in the Botanical Garden of Budapest (Füvészkert) where we also made little calligraphy presentations every other hour. Many people came on both days and we were more than delighted to answer their questions about calligraphy. Also everybody got the chance to try out different calligraphy tools. We had perfect weather and the blossoming cherry trees around us enhanced the ambience of the event even further.
First, let me tell you a little more about this festival. The traditional Japanese expression for the cherry-blossom festival is Hanami (花見) which is still celebrated throughout Japan with blossom viewing excursions. People go on picnics, take photos, wander around the cherry trees and enjoy the
company of their family and friends.. .but most importantly everybody is there to admire the sight of the falling delicate pink flower petals that symbolize the transient nature of life.
Before sharing the pictures of this wonderful festival with you, I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who came and asked and listened and picked up brushes and ventured to try out this beautiful form of art.

(Pictures 1. and 2 : Lecture-time under the cherry trees / Picture 3: A brave volunteer is trying out calligraphy / Pictures 4. and 5.: Me, being interviewed for a television programme on Saturday)

Szakura-ünnep, 2010, beszélgetés és előadás

An article on this beautiful festival, published in Magyar Nemzet, can be found here. It was a wonderful weekend!


On 23 April, 2010 I made calligraphies for the guests at the VIP opening ceremony of Sakura Sushi restaurant. The name of the restaurant was also made into a calligraphy work. A few photos taken at the ceremony:



On 25 April, 2010 I returned to Shuhari Dojo to complete the calligraphy board for its tea-room. First I spoke a few words about what was to follow and what kind of calligraphy I was about to make. This was a very special occassion as it is not usual in Hungary to make fairly big-sized calligraphies in a form of a live performance. Maybe this was one of the first live calligraphy performances (apart from those given by true Korean or Japanese masters during martial art workshops or buddhist calligraphy demonstrations). In Japan, of course, there are many such-like performances and sometimes even exceptionally- sized calligraphies are made. I had the honour to create a 174×44 cm calligraphy board with Kissako (喫茶去) „Have a cup of tea” written on it. Next to this sign was placed the name of Shuhari Dojo in Japanese. It was an exceptional event of wich some photos and a video was made.
The photos:

The video:



On 25 April 2010 I attended the second day of the SakuraCon event and I happily made calligraphies for those who came and asked for a little souvenir
Here are some of the pictures of SakuraCon:



On 28 May, 2010 I attended a business dinner where I created calligraphies for the guests and a few kanji calligraphies, too.
Photos were taken by make-up artist Erika Guba.


2010. 05. 28.


On 7 August, 2010 the Summer AnimeCon festival took place in Pécs in the grounds of Expo Center. The event was a big success, with a lot of people and interesting programmes. I was among the guest lecturers and I also had the opportunity to conduct a little workshop for those interested in calligraphy. Everyone was free to try out the brushes, the calligraphy technique and I also made little calligraphies for those who wanted to take home a little souvenir from the festival.
Here are a few picures taken at AnimeCon:


AnimeCon Anime Con Pécs 2010


After returning from Japan I took part in the „Language-Parade” in Millenáris to show the art of calligraphy to students of the Japanese language. (on 2-4 September, 2011)



On 15 October 2011 the first Japanese calligraphy course, Maido Shodokai (毎度書道会) started. The members of the club regularly meet and practise together:


Maido Shodokai


Together with Momiji Japanese Language School, Seijin Dojo hosted an event dedicated to the Day of Culture (traditionally held on 3 November in Japan). I was invited to take part and speak about zen buddhism, zen calligraphy and finally about my experiences in a Japanese monastery.
Some photos and two videos of the event:


Seijin Dojo

And video:



On November 7, 2011 I spoke to high-school sudents who study Japanese language in Városmajor Grammar School. They were very inquisitive and we had a great time together talking about the art of calligraphy.


minták (tehon)


On 19 November I visited ChizuCon in Szombathely where I also had the possibility to give a lecture on Japanese calligraphy.


Szombathely - ChizuCon
Szombathely - ChizuCon


27 November, 2011 JudaFest – Calligraphy presentation


7 January, 2012 : probably the first-ever open Kakizome event in Hungary was organized in the main hall of Gate of Dharma Buddhist University. We had a big audience – the hall proved almost too little for so many people. After hearing the lectures, everybody grabbed a brush, some hanshi and ink and knelt down on the floor to create their first calligraphy of the year. It was truly uplifting to see so many people write together, almost shoulder to shoulder, masters, students and complete beginners alike, composing their heartfelt wishes for the new year.
(More pictures and texts about Kakizome can be found in my blog)


Kakizome előadás

Kakizome 2012


On 18 March I got an invitation to the Szelence Teahouse in Székesfehérvár. I enjoyed the hospitality of this atmospheric little place while I talked about life in a Japanese monastery, zen and Japanese calligraphy. I finished with a short performance after which the audience could also try out different calligraphy tools.


On 24 March I visited the Shinkendō dōjō in Tatabánya where I gave a talk about the way of the sword and zen, the connection between martial arts and zazen, practice and the common roots of martial arts, calligraphy and zen. The lecture was followed by a short Q&A and a calligraphy practice together with the audience. I hope the videos and pictures will reflect the special atmosphere and deep attention that characterized this wonderful event.


On 30 March I was invited to my Alma Mater, the Dharma Gate Buddhist College of Budapest. I was thrilled to be sitting as a lecturer in the same place where I used to sit as a student years ago spending many wonderful hours practicing zazen. It was also a great pleasure to see how many students were interested to come and learn about the relationship betweeen zen and calligraphy and the teachings of zen which are so closely related to calligraphy.


On 7 and 8 April the annual Sakura festival was held in the Füvészkert, the oldest botanical garden of Budapest. There were lectures and free calligraphy activities, a Hanami Shodōkai calligraphy meeting, beautiful flowers,some rain and sunshine, colours and countless merry moments. (click here for more details about the first day and here about the second day of the Sakura festival)

Japán kalligráfia a Füvészkertben
Japán kalligráfia a Füvészkertben
Füvészkert, Japán kalligráfia


Following in the footsteps of the International Children’s Day Event in May, now, on 16 September 2012, I once again brushed name calligraphies ffor visitors – at this time at aNiwacon in Dürer Garden.


On 22 September 2012 the First Momiji Shodokai , the third calligraphy event of this year, following Kakizome and Hanami Shodokai was held on Margaret island. It was a special occassion, because for the first time in Hungary several callligraphy performances could be watched.

The first calligraphy was the 2×1,5 m kanji of the dragon (龍):


It was followed by the zen phrase: „my mind is like the autumn moon” (吾心似秋月) (size 150×60):

Finally the same size calligraphy „the pine tree, a thousand years of green”(松樹千年翠) was brushed:

(for more photos please click here)


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